ScandiBaltics Diary 0.5: The Time I Thought It Would Be A Brilliant Idea To Go On Another European Extravaganza By Myself

14th April, 14:55BST
WizzAir flight to Vilnius, Lithuania


This is my "stressed trying to navigate London" face.

Oops, I did it again. For the third consecutive year, I’m off to explore the glorious continent of Europe. However, this is hardly a surprise – partly because I was planning this trip before I even finished the last one, and partly because my last solo voyage was so exciting, educational and empowering that there was no question of it being my last.
I’ll visit 8 cities in 7 countries, all of which are new to me: Lithuania; Latvia; Estonia; Finland; Denmark; Sweden; Norway. Although only going for three weeks this time, which looks tame in comparison to my 5 week Balkan bonanza, I fully expect this trip to be more expensive. The liberty, equality and fraternity of Scandanavian utopias come at a price, literally. But hey, low crime rates! Gender equality! Et cetera!
Once more I embarked on my adventure from Luton Airport, although the process of doing so was more laboured than last time. Thameslink engineering works at London Bridge cease for no-one, especially not daft 22-year-olds with European travel addictions, so getting from Kent to Luton Airport involved a messy scramble around the South Bank thanks to National Rail’s misleading info about the time and ease of walking from Waterloo East to Blackfriars, which culminated in much swearing and the executive decision to sack it off and get the tube from Embankment instead. Someone make me a CEO, because this executive decision got me on the right train with 8 minutes to spare.
I also faced the indignity of a search when going through security until it transpired that all I was trying to smuggle into Lithuania was a pair of well-supported boobs. Why does bra underwire still have the capacity to set scanners off?!
That’s it for now. Hopefully landing is without incident and I can get the song ‘Light Aircraft on Fire’ by the Auteurs out of my head sometime soon. It is not the most comforting song to think of on an aeroplane.

Signing off,

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