Photoblog: Who Needs Decent Beaches When You’ve Got Pendennis Point?

Here’s the thing. You go to Cornwall for three years of uni, and everyone tells you how much they envy you, how lucky you are, how you’re going to live at the beach. So you turn up to Falmouth, beachwear all packed, towels at the ready… and, uh, Gyllyngvase Beach is a bit crud and you have no idea where the other beaches are, because to be fair this one’s already a hike from the stations and bus stops. Compared to the beaches of the Cornish north coast at Perranporth and Newquay, the Falmouth ones really aren’t great.

But beaches are kind of boring anyway. Plus there’s all that sand getting in your shoes/stuck to your toes/on your eyes. What Falmouth has to offer instead is far more magical: Pendennis Point. Sadly this shows only a little bit of it (why did I not take more pictures at uni…), but






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