Photoblog: A Day On Gozo, Malta’s Second Island

Malta is stupidly hot all summer, and remains to be exceedingly hot and humid into September. This is a shame, because it makes it difficult to go exploring without feeling like you’re ten minutes away from collapsing into a sweaty wreck. It is also a shame because not all of the buses are sufficiently air-conditioned, and this was the main problem with doing a guided tour around Gozo, Malta’s second largest island.

Although my mother and I were on the verge of dying from the heat, we were still able to appreciate the manmade and natural beauties of Gozo. While the ancient Neolithic temples at Xagħra are essentially just a big old pile of rocks that, old as they are, are kinda difficult to get excited by, the Basilica of [enter million intermittent words here] Ta’Pinu is impressive, and nothing prepares you for how stunningly blue the water at Dwejra Bay is.

It’s an island loved by TV and film crews, as our tour guide couldn’t get enough of telling us how Brad Pitt had filmed Troy here. Turns out that some of that dragons and tits show that is inexplicably popular at the moment was also filmed there and they destroyed a precious ecosystem. Thank you, Gozo, for giving me another reason to despise the dragons and tits show.

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