How To Plan Your Eurotrip, Part 2: Planning Your Route

Always wanted to go on an exciting backpacking adventure around Europe, but don’t know where to start? Think ‘interrail’ is just an anagram of ‘trilinear’? Can’t tell your Ecolines from your Eurolines? You need this series of blogs.

LESSON 2: Work out and research the places you want to visit.

Make a list of the countries, cities and attractions you want to see while you’re in the area you want to travel around. Research them on travel forums or websites. Are these places worth going to? Milan and Bratislava get regular pastings on travel forums, so if you’re planning to go to either of these places, make sure you know why you want to visit, and work out if they’re worth spending long in.

Also take on board any advice that might come in handy regarding etiquette or dangers (i.e. if Ukrainians will get angry at you for speaking Russian, Transnistrian guards might push for bribes, etc), and note down any tips for places to eat, sleep, drink and be merry. And look up the average temperatures in these places for the time of year you’re planning to go. It’s always best to take some warm clothes, as the nights can be bitterly cold even on warm September days in south-east Europe.

Last but not least, if you’re planning to go anywhere potentially unsafe, check the travel advice site.


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