Photoblog: The Time We Went On Another London Rude Names Road Trip

By now, you should know that my friend Mark and I love rude name road trips. Like this one. And this one. We have a 700-entry Excel spreadsheet with the place names, locations, postcodes, Google Maps Street View links (to where the sign in question is) and whether we’ve been there or not. No sirree, we do not take this place names lark seriously at all.

London is a tricky one. There are ones in the very centre that we haven’t already visited, easily accessible by Tube, but there were many on the outskirts of London that were a pain in the cooch to get to. So we drove around the outskirts to get them out of the way. And when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘Mark’. I just played Taylor ‘Queen TayTay’ Swift songs, inadvertently flashed my gusset while taking pictures on a road in Brentford called ‘The Butts’ and swore a lot. That is my remit in the friendship, after all.

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